Our Mission

To provide high quality, high tech equipment to the upper strata hotels, restaurants, cleaning and laundry industries in East Africa.

Importing its goods from America, Italy and European nations with specific expertise in the manufacturing of such products. The continuous evolution in technology in the last 10 years especially in the field of Kitchen & Laundry has been our goal in order to meet current market demand. The company’s brand portfolio is now home to some best-in-breed namesfrom America and Europe, nations with specific expertise in the manufacturing of such products such as: Unimac, Scotsman, Laspaziale Italy, MKN Germany and Meiko from Europe to name just a few.

According to senior management, EGA is keen and ripe for expansion looking to grow market share through revamped marketing and advertising campaigns –a new showroom, participating in trade shows, sponsorship and equipment demonstration setups etc. Additionally, in order to build the brand and root itself deeper into the East African market, EGA plans to expand its offices to Arusha, Kampala and Mombasa whilst pursuing further expansion of its brand portfolio.

Electrical and General Appliances significantly outpaces its competition due to its focus on quality and the consumer. Weaim to put our best foot forward and, as such, bring the best to market for our clients. Operationally, the company’s large inventory base ensures faster delivery times and on-demand availability, compounded by the high level of technical expertise and prowess.

Our service staff commands, trained directly by the suppliers in USA and Europe, EGA’s service staff not only have the knowledge to fix whatever few mishaps may occur with the equipment, but are in a prime position to educate their client base as well.

By understanding the needs of our clients, EGA is able to provide tailor-made solutions to the client in a way that can not only satisfy their needs, but expand their business capability as well. For example, energy efficient equipment can allow a restaurant to expand its capacity and handle greater volumes of clients while reducing costs, all the while acting in an eco-friendly manner.

The Management believes this kind of product education is absolutely essential, and bring to light a need in the mind of the consumer as they begin to realize the many advantages of purchasing such equipment and the savings it can generate for them over time.

Business has not always been all milk and honey for EGA, as it has fallen prey to counterfeiting and been put in a position to compete with cheaper Far Eastern products, although their products are less reliable it has been difficult to compete with them based on price. In this regard, the price conscious consumer is not entirely aware of the benefits of purchasing a high quality product, and can fall victim to less than honest marketing ploys and gimmicks. Such products have significant opportunity costs associated with them, not to mention requiring more expenditure in their maintenance and upkeep as they require more frequent and severe upkeep. The next decade is one in which EGA aims to maintain market leadership on the basis of its honest and ethical business practices and its focus on quality and the consumer. By sticking to its core values of selling high quality, high end products, educating the consumer and employing a professional, well-trained and skilled team, EGA consistently exceeds the expectations of its consumers and has found itself on the right path to success